Will pee from my pets stain hardwood floors? 

Hardwood floors can be ruined by urine stains. The urine from pets can really damage the look and quality of your hardwood floor. Pet urine can leave permanent discolouration or black spots on your flooring.  You can replace the effected boards prior to getting your floor refinished.

Climatizing your wood before installation.  

Most people are told that the wood must be put in the area that the floor is to be installed in for 2-3 days before installation to allow the wood to adjust to the conditions of the house.  What most people are not told is that the premises should be at the “lived in” stage.  This means that the house should be at the proper humidity and temperature levels that will occur when the house is lived in.  This allows the wood to acclimate to the environmental conditions that it will be subjected to after the installation process.  If you would like further information on this please read this very good article from NWFA:

Why do you have gaps between boards in your floor?  

Under normal circumstances, the only time you should have gaps (formally called cracks) in your floor would be in the winter months when your heating system is drying out your house.  The solution to this is to increase the humidity levels in your home.  Just be careful not to increase it too much or too fast that your windows start to weep.  If you had gaps between the boards show up shortly after installation, then there was an issue with proper acclimation of the product.

Want a new look?

Renovating or just want to update the look of your hardwood floor?  You can change the appearance of your floors by sanding and staining it to another colour.  No need to replace, just refinish it!