Covid-19 Procedures

Our Covid-19 Procedures

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, LRB Hardwood Flooring is dedicated to ensuring the health and well being of its employees and its customers.  Therefore, we have decided that we need to take extra steps to protect our workers and the public by limiting potential areas that can become contaminated.

March 2022, although government Covid restrictions have been lifted LRB Hardwood Flooring Inc. will continue to address any safety concerns by our clients upon request.

As of June, 2021 All employees are fully vaccinated.

For site measures (estimates): 

Before travelling to active job sites, LRB Hardwood Flooring will sanitize the surfaces that are regularly in contact with workers in vehicles, cargo trailer and equipment.

Upon arrival at active job site:

As this crisis evolves, so will the steps taken by us in order to help keep us all safe.

We encourage everyone out there to follow all procedures as set out by AHS.

Together, we can all get through this crisis.

Please stay safe.